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Speedata MDM is a mobile device management platform self-developed by Speedata. The platform comprises five major components: device management, application management, device monitoring, bulk deployment, and network security.

Equipment management

  • Device registration
  • Acquisition monitoring
  • Geofencing
  • Secure desktop
  • Function control
  • System configuration
  • Issue documents
  • System upgrade
  • Strategic management

Mobile devices can be registered for the institution by scanning the institution's QR code or by bulk registration through importing an IMEI number table.

The platform constantly collects and monitors various information and status of mobile devices, fully grasping the status of the device side.

When a mobile device is set with a geographical fence and goes beyond the fence, it will send an email notification to platform managers, lock the screen and vibrate to alert.

A streamlined enterprise desktop with restricted programs and settings on the device, encrypted access, and can be restricted to one or multiple specified applications.

Control and management of various functional modules such as flashlight, microphone, camera, external fingerprint, second-generation ID card recognition, Psam, etc. can be set up (example: disable NFC).

Control and management of various functional modules such as calls, messages, lock screen password, volume, Bluetooth, APN, etc. can be set up (example: disable the home button).

One-click quick distribution of files to devices.

Secure and efficient version upgrade.

Multiple policies can be created and distributed to devices or device groups through configuration files.

Completely redesigned APP town

APP town is a mobile application management APP independently developed by SPEEDATA MDM. IS A MOBILE APPLICATION MANAGEMENT APP INDEPENDENTLY DEVELOPED BY SPEEDATA MDM., it allows for the onboarding and offboarding of applications. Additionally, it offers powerful features such as ' Device Clone,' supporting the one-to-one cloning of system settings for mobile devices.

Bulk Deployment

Devices can be rapidly and accurately deployed in bulk.

Device Clone

"Device Clone" is a featured function of " APP town", which allows for direct face-to-face cloning of system settings on mobile devices.

Application Management

Six application lists ensure software security and comprehensive control of mobile devices.

Network security

Control the security environment of mobile device networks by setting a network security whitelist.

WIFI remote configuration
  • One-click issuance of WIFI list
  • Mobile devices can connect directly to the corresponding WIFI
APN remote configuration
  • One-click issuance of APN settings
  • Multiple configurations can be issued at once
WIFI black and white list
  • Blacklist prohibits risky WIFI
  • Whitelist sets available WIFI
Network whitelist
  • Only allowed IPs or domain names can be accessed
  • Control online risk

Custom key mapping

All physical buttons (except for the power button) can be reset to their original functions and given new function definitions.
You can edit the key values of the buttons, and also select common button functions or select to start applications, UHF, scanning and other functions.
For example, the 'left empty value' button can be remapped to open the camera or other functions/applications through key mapping.

Device debugging tool

APP town provides various free Demo applications, and more special tools can be found in APP town.

Secondary development

We will provide unified SDK developer documentation to help developers develop devices that are deeply compatible with enterprise needs.


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Speedata offers a diverse range of hardware products that meet the production needs across various fields.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to frequently asked questions here!

Yes, unregistered devices can download all APPs (SDK demo programs, debugging tools, etc.) provided by SPEEDATA, and registered devices can download APPs uploaded by SPEEDATA and their own units.
Yes, for private network customers, they need to provide at least one Yes, for private network customers, they need to provide at least one 64-bit server with 8G memory, which comes with a fee.
Yes, customization is available and comes with a fee. After development is completed, it will be delivered to the customer for independent deployment, which also comes with a fee.
The current functions are temporarily free, and there mayThe current functions are temporarily free, and there may be paid plug-in functions available in the future.
Yes, it can be installed, but some functions may have issues, suchYes, it can be installed, but some functions may have issues, such as virtual navigation bars and setting the app to always run. Some functional interfaces may not work properly.
The customer can deploy independently, and we provideThe customer can deploy independently, and we provide an Http interface API for docking.

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